Reiki 💫 Prices

I. degree - € 400

II. degree - € 450

III. degree: master - € 550

IV. degree: teacher - € 850

Further degrees ✨Light degrees

V. and VI. degrees - € 800

Grandmaster inauguration of the master

Great harmony / Great division

VII. degree - € 300

Wisdom symbol

VIII. and IX. degree - € 600

Heart symbol / neck symbol

X. and XI. degrees - € 600

Great Freedom / Great Peace

XII. degree - € 300

The third eye sees

Archangel energy

Archangel Gabriel - 50€

The symbol serves to protect people from any occupation by foreign energies.

Archangel Uriel - 90€

This symbol "the light bubble" is primarily intended for people who are active in healing. It serves to wrap people - but also animals or parts of landscape - in a light bubble. Valuable, among other things, for acute hazards, severe exhaustion or severe operations.

Archangel Raphael - 90€

This symbol is used to heal current physical injuries as well as karmic wounds that are still present in the subtle bodies. It also strengthens Raphael's green healing ray in the healing of the physical and karmic wounds of our earth.

Archangel Michael - 90€

The symbol primarily serves to raise the vibrations between truly loving and close people (family, close friends, lovers), to connect them more strongly, to bathe in love and to heal. At the same time, it can be applied to animals and plants that surround us. It is a symbol of love that promotes love and releases coercion.

The symbol Gaia - 90€

This symbol serves to absorb the healing power of the "herd soul" of our planet in a bundled and strengthened way and to use it for the healing of their beings (humans, animals, plants, natural beings). It serves the strengthening and energising, mental and physical healing.