That’s me! 🩷 Elisabeth Rosa

My focus is on geomancy - habitat and landscape energy - in combination with the harmonisation of humans and animals. As a personal time-out guide, I always spend a few weeks on Pico (Azores Island).

I like to travel and accompany and support people individually on their personal path.

I am neither a doctor nor a naturopath. My work is "energy work". My focus is to give you a quality of life that is optimal for you. 

I don't make any diagnoses, relief and healing can happen - I don't promise anything. I take no responsibility for your own life and no life decision - I support you with advice, intuition and honesty.

Reiki 💫

The opening and stabilisation of the energy channel by Reiki teachers opens up the opportunity for all people to be healing for themselves and others. For those who were given special healing powers, Reiki initiations can help to start or improve their beneficial work. Reiki initiations can help to resolve physical complaints and make them aware of the triggering causes.

The inaugurations and also the healer training are very individual and take place in a relaxed atmosphere: at my place, at your place or even in nature. If you decide to receive the complete inaugurations or to do the healer training, there are special conditions, please contact me.

Surfing in the inner-net 💚 time-out accompaniment

The volcanic island Pico is ideal for self-discovery, because you come into particularly intense and strong contact with yourself, the nature spirits and nature elements.

The personal time-out can also be combined with training and Reiki in any other place.

Energetics and energy 💛

Illness is the language of the soul, it points us to grievances in our lives. My goal is to "push" and start various processes with you; I give you impulses to activate your self-healing.

I activate and harmonise your body's own energy fields with the help of Bach flowers, biofeedback, colours, scents, gemstones, music, kinesiological methods, energy work in the aura, magnetic field applications, gentle touch of the body or targeted placing of hands on certain parts of the body, craniosacral energy work or similar permitted methods.

This procedure is a gentle method to bring all your energies back to flow, so that you feel lighter, more perfect and more balanced.

The energetic assistance is not a substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment, nor is it a substitute for psychological or psychotherapeutic treatment or examination.

I also do long-distance energy transmissions, you don't have to be physically present with me.

For this I need your name, if possible a photo of you and your date of birth.

I’m available on WhatsApp or Email 🩷

WhatsApp +43 650 8902939 . 🇦🇹