ArgeSan® Colloidal Silver ♾ Silver Water

Colloidal silver should not be missing in any medicine cabinet and travel pharmacy.

Externally, it can be used without limits: for the disinfection of a pimple, for the treatment of foot care, burns, shingles, herpes, for itching relief, neurodermatitis or for the treatment of skin infections.

Internally, the colloidal silver is applied when the complaints obviously overload the immune system and the body needs short-term support.

It is used to exte mercury, promote cell growth, can turn cancer cells back into normal cells, against viruses, harmful bacteria and fungi, mucus and cough, metabolic weakness, nosebleeds, promotes bone growth, accelerates healing of injured tissue, etc.

The same applies to animals 🐾🐶🐱🐭🐰🐮🐷🐤🐔🐦 I have very good experiences, call me!

Can also be used to clean surfaces, refrigerator & Co.

Storage: protected from light in the cabinet at room temperature.

Possible applications:

Discharge body toxins: 

(e.g. amalgam residues in the body) • 3-week drinking cure

As a guide, possibly accompanied by personal therapists.

1 tablespoon of ArgeSan® to 200 ml of water in the morning and evening.

Prevention of single-case organisms (bacteria, fungi, viruses) - currently Covid 19

Mouthwash after brushing teeth, in the morning and evening ArgeSan® pure mouth and throat rinse and spit out for 30 seconds.


In the morning, noon and evening, add a tablespoon to 1⁄4 litre of water and drink or absorb ArgeSan® with an inhaler.

Spray hands several times a day (pur), spread well on the skin of the hands and let them dry.

Skin and hair

Men: ArgeSan® after shaving instead of a usually too sharp aftershave, then good face cream.

Women: Use of ArgeSan® instead of a tonic after the cleansing milk results in beautiful skin and smaller pores after regular treatment.

Men & women: in case of skin irritations on the hair base, regularly massage the hair base gently with ArgeSan®.

A cap in a foot bath results in pleasantly soft and relaxed feet.

For psoriasis / psoriasis: spray ArgeSan®, itching disappears.

Oral hygiene

In addition to normal oral hygiene (tooth cleaning, interspace cleaning), using ArgeSan® as a mouthwash ensures good gums.

Prevention of imminent cooling

At the first signs of cold:

Pull a few drops (ideally with a pipette) into both nostrils.

ArgeSan® may enter the throat.

In addition, rinse the mouth and throat for 1-2 minutes.

After a short time, the nose is clear, promotes sleep and recovery.

Herpes - barley grain - abscess

Wet the cotton pad with ArgeSan®, put the soaked cotton pad on the appropriate area for at least 10 minutes. On the first day, twice at an interval of about 4 hours. Again the following day, then the inflammation is usually gone.

Prevention in tropical countries

E.g. against stomach upset: in the morning and evening after brushing your teeth, rinse your mouth and throat thoroughly, drink a small sip.

Shoes and sweaty feet

Spraying your feet regularly in the evening feels pleasant.

Spray shoes and insoles - helps against odour and ensures anti- Germ (ideally new, but also older shoes).


Clean the refrigerator and bread box with ArgeSan®, wipe surfaces with it.

Price of a bottle 500ml is 29€.